159 Vegetarian Meals are a new Brand of healthy vegetarian dietary supplement containing 159 kinds of natural ingredients from a combination of cereals, nuts, seeds, fungi and flowers.

Its high nutritional make up of protein, minerals, trace elements, and unsaturated fatty acids aims to help restore cell self-healing, and provide nutrients otherwise missing from a lot of modern dietary practises.

Is 159 A Medicine ?

No! It’s neither a health care product nor a special weight loss product (weight loss is only a natural effect). 159 is simply a vegetarian dietary meal in accordance with the theory of Chinese medicinal health.

Who Can Use 159 ?


Vegetarians who eat 159 can get calcium, iron, zinc and all the balanced nutrients from the nuts, beans, seeds, flowers and fruits, grapes and other kinds of materials.

Office Workers

Office employees are always busy, and they are often not concerned about their own diet, 159 as an energy meal is not only an easy way to enhance the immune system, but also to enhance physical fitness.

Sub-Health Immunity

159 contains 159 kinds of natural nutrients which can quickly enhance the body immunity.

Pregnant Women

For pregnant women, all kinds of nuts, grains, algae can provide rich folic acid, zinc, and Omega 3 to help comprehensive nutrition for the growth of a child.

Children & Adolescents

159 contains nuts, walnuts, hazelnut kernel, black sesame seeds, flax seed and Omega 3 which can help with child & adolescent brain function.

Middle-Aged & Elderly

Pineapple, hemp seed, and sea buckthorn seed are contained in 159,and are an essential part of longevity in Chinese medicine tradition.


If you’re looking to lose weight you could try replacing some meals with 159 and you’ll gain good healthy nutrition as well as potentially helping with constipation and beriberi.


The ingredients of 159 are known in Chinese Medicine to help improve bloodflow and circulation.


Sometimes skin irritation and eczema can be the result of a toxic build up in the body. Detoxing with 159 may help with these symptoms.


159 can help reduce blood sugar levels, relieve high blood lipids, and even potentially help reduce the amount of medications you may be taking.

Body Toxicity

If you’re looking to detox your body, 159 can help clean the intestines, Improve constipation, eliminate toxins, improve immunity and endocrine functions. 159 meal replacements can also be good helper to lose weight.


Here are some ways customers use 159. Please be aware this product contains nuts. If you intend to replace all meals with 159 and/or have any health issues, please ensure you know about any possible effects of dieting, or have consulted with your doctor or medical adviser first.

To make 159, add the contents of a sachet to 200ml of boiling water (or more depending on your preferred drinking consistency) and stir in a cup to make a broth. It is advisable to drink 200ml of warm water before and after taking a 159 meal.


Replace all three daily meals with 159 for seven days.

This may help you to detox your body, and possibly lose weight.


Replace breakfast and dinner with 159.


Replace dinner with 159.


Have a 159 meal as a dietary supplment whenever you feel like a boost provided by the ingredients.